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Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics equips you with powerful tools to unlock hidden insights from your data. Analyze complex datasets, uncover hidden patterns, and build predictive models to inform decision-making. Test hypotheses, draw conclusions, and gain a deeper understanding of your data. Ideal for researchers, data analysts, and businesses seeking to optimize their strategies with data-driven insights.

Powerful Admin

Powerful Admin grants you complete control over your system. Manage users with precision, automate complex tasks, monitor performance in real-time, and troubleshoot issues efficiently. Ideal for system administrators, IT professionals, and businesses seeking robust security and performance monitoring solutions. Take control and unlock the full potential of your system with Powerful Admin.

Security updates

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is safe with regular Security updates. These critical updates address vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring your data and privacy are always protected. Automatic updates deliver the latest security enhancements seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters most.

how it works

Web host service stores your website’s files on powerful servers, making it accessible online for all visitors.

Multiple device support

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your data, applications, and settings across all your devices. No matter if you’re on your laptop, phone, or tablet, everything is synced and ready for you, ensuring a seamless and effortless experience.

Real-time data analysis

Gain immediate insights into your data as it streams in, revealing trends and patterns as they happen. This real-time intelligence empowers you to react quickly, optimize performance, and make informed decisions based on the most current information.

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$2 per month
  • This convenient package provides the essential tools you need to launch and grow your online presence, with no additional setup fees. Easily park your domain and secure your website with a free SSL certificate. Leverage PHP support for dynamic content and enjoy the flexibility of a dedicated database to manage your data.

Small Business

$9 per month
  • Everything in Starter Plan Plus: up to 5 domains, 5 databases, 5 SSL certifiates, and Ruby on Rails


$19 per month
  • Everthing in Small Business plus: SSH access, script installer, Up to 20 domains, databases, and email support.

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